Simple Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring time!
It's never too late to get your Spring cleaning done! Our blooming season started off a little slow, but we're seeing some warmer and dryer days as Summer approaches in Perth, so let's dive into some Spring cleaning tips which works well regardless of whether you're selling or looking to lease your home or investment property.

1) Kitchen

Start to the right of your stove top and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction. Your stove is generally the dirtiest area and cleaning this last will stop you from spreading further grease and grime to other areas of your kitchen.

One little extra tip! If your fridge is starting to smell a little nasty and you can't figure out why even after cleaning and removing old food, try leaving a plate of bicarb soda inside your fridge. The bicarb soda will work as a deodorizer and absorb all those nasty odours in your fridge!

2) Bathroom

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it's easy to whip out the bleach and harsh chemicals that do a good job but can leave you with a nasty headache. For a natural alternative, use white vinegar and bicarb soda to clean your bathroom shower and benchtops.

Mix lemon juice and olive oil to create your own lemon oil, which you can use to rub on your glass shower doors. Do this twice a month and this will help the water bead and roll off the glass, reducing the water marks on the doors. The aroma from the lemon juice will make your bathroom smell beautifully fresh

3) Bedroom

Still have a wardrobe full of clothing that you just don't wear but can't let go of? Turn all of your clothing with the hangers the opposite way to what is normal for you. Once you have worn an item, turn the hanger back the right way around. Revisit your wardrobe in 6 months and see what hasn't been turned can go straight to the Salvos or sell them on eBay!

4) Living room

When was the last time you read your coffee table magazines? If it's not for the aesthetics, it's time to update or even remove them as they're most likely just collecting dust.

If your living room is also feel a little dull and unexciting, try changing up your furniture around and test out new configurations! While you do this, you can get a good clean under the coach and any shelving that you haven't cleaned in years!
Spring time!

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